Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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Michael D. Smith was raised in the Northeast and the Chicago area, then moved to Texas to attend Rice University, where he began developing as a writer and visual artist. The first six novels in his Jack Commer science fiction series, The Martian Marauders; Jack Commer, Supreme Commander; Nonprofit Chronowar; Collapse and Delusion; The Wounded Frontier; and The SolGrid Rebellion have been published by Double Dragon Publishing. In addition, Sortmind Press published his literary novels The Soul Institute and Akard Drearstone as well as his novella The First Twenty Steps. His dystopian, black comedy novel CommWealth was published by Class Act Books. All titles are available from Amazon.

Smith's writing in both literary and science fiction genres uses humor to investigate psychological themes. His web site, www.sortmind.com, contains further examples of his novels and visual art, and he muses about writing and art processes on his blog, www.blog.sortmind.com.