Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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Deborah Reardon’s curiosity about life and passion for storytelling took root during her youth. She enjoyed the mystery of the world around her and found inspiration from her daily discoveries. Like many novelists, Deborah’s winding path through a successful banking career, exciting travels and family life enriched her understanding of the world around her and provided plenty of material for her stories.

Deborah began to develop her writing skills while in her 20s and wrote her first manuscripts in the mid-90’s. Since that time she has not stopped working diligently on her writing. Throughout her life, Deborah has enjoyed meeting interesting people and seeing colorful places, and continues to seek out experiences that will feed her imagination. Deborah’s journeys have included everything from childhood cross-country visits to her parent’s native New York, trips to nearly every state in the US, and an international class in Europe that traversed many countries across the continent.