Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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The Dino-Buddies™ (Friends of Distinction . . . Not Extinction) are REAL Dino-Stars™!

All the Dino-Buddies books focus on positive, wholesome activities, and above all, kindness. The latest book 'Who Stole Second Base?' introduces the Dino-BuLLies™ and focuses on having the confidence and courage to deal with bullying.

Dino-Buddies™ (Friends of Distinction . . . Not Extinction) are adorable dinosaur characters that live in Onid Valley™ (that's 'Dino' spelled backward). These sweet, gentle Dino-Stars™ enjoy the simple things in life and subtly focus on positive values, good manners, kindness, and safe habits.

All of a non-violent nature, they know how to have pure, good old-fashioned fun. Each character has a name, a unique personality, hobby and interests. Enjoying life to its fullest, they live in harmony with each other, the environment and all the other animals; but they do have to keep an eye out for their not-so-very-nice neighbors - the Dino-Bullies™.

Dino Buddies Video - Playlist